Thursday, November 19, 2015

Studio Doulzia

I'm very proud to announce that I have been collaborating with 


DOULZIA is an international indie game & animation studio consisting of talented diverse dreamers from and currently residing in America, Japan, Canada, and France.
These nice guys and ladies have me doing some design work with them- from designing logos for their new web comic "Hello, End," to helping them with the design for a sofubi toy to accompany their video game in development, "Skeletonblood." Keep a close eye out for their Kickstarter campaign to help them fund "Skeletonblood!" I am stoked to be working with such a creative group of people and excited to see where the future takes their endeavors!
This is the logo for there web comic Hello, End that I designed.

These are some of the turn arounds for there toy!

short animation that really sets the mood of the web comic

Saturday, October 31, 2015

ELDER DEMONS Super Famicom

Mock up of Elder Demons in the 16 bit world.
These sprites look like they belong on the Super NES or in some retro style JRPG!

This really great Pixel art of the Elder Demons was brought to you by 
(instagram) - @NAMROCK3 
(twitter) - @nam3_3
Make sure to give him a follow.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deathcattoys Zine Vol 1 and some extras

This is the entire Deathcattoys zine plus a few extra sketches.
All sketches in the zine are based on toys, mostly vintage Sofubi, 
some chogokin figures, as well as some new sofubi. All of the sketches in 
the zine were done by Johan Ulrich, and were painted using pencils,
transparent watercolor, and gouache.

The Zine is limited to only 50 copies.
If you dig what you see make sure to pick up a physical copy of the Zine at

The Devil... man

Some Devilman art I made about 4 years ago.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Toy and Zine drop tonight at 10pm eastern time

Head over to tonight starting at 10 pm eastern time 
for your chance to grab 1 of these limited run releases.

Only 7 sets of the first painted Elder Demons, on GID vinyl!

The Zine is limited to only 50 copies.
Good luck and thanks for the support!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Deathcattoys Zine Vol.1 coming soon.

So I have compiled a group of 28 colored sketches into a Zine.
The sketches are all based on mostly vintage Sofubi toys and Chogokin toys as well.
With a few newer figures thrown in for good measure.

Only 50 copies are being made.
All of the Zines will be hand numbered and signed.
A few random copies will include a randomly selected print of one of the paintings in the book.
One lucky person will receive an original colored sketch with there copy of the Zine.

Look for a drop soon like maybe this weekend?!?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

GID Elder Demons release FRIDAY!!!

The first painted run of GID Elder demon sets will be available 
this Friday starting at 10 pm Eastern time.

Limited to only 7 sets at $40 plus shipping
Sets include 
1x Oni Mira
1x Red Pharaoh
2x Deathcattoys stickers