Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nerdone X Deathcattoys collab release

The Nerdone X Deathcattoys collab will be releasing this friday night at midnight eastern time.
Limited to 10, each set will come with 2 mini keshi Deathcats in different colors.
Each set will be $80 plus shipping. Good Luck!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

NERDONE X DEATHCATTOYS "Nekos in my Pocket" M.O.T.U.L.O.S play set

I'm doing a collab with NERDONE!! 
Within the next week or so we will be releasing a run of 10 M.O.T.U.L.O.S castles,
with 2 keshi Deathcats in each set.  Each castle will be painted by me,  
and come with different color Deathcats. (Think "Monsters in my Pocket)
    And will be available on my bigcartel for $80 plus shipping.

       Finished Header card

         Sample picture of the toys, colors will vary slightly.


                          I'm very happy to announce that the 5 inch Deathcat is in production!!
                       The 5 inch cat has been re-sculpted with new fur texture, articulated wrists, 
                        and a better leg positioning.

                         These will be dropping within the next couple of months.
                          In the meantime here are a few pics of the 3D print.

                                              This is the 5" version next to the 3" resin.

Last two...

Two of the most recent DEATHCAT releases.
These have sold out, and were available at my bigcartel store. 

I will be releasing two more color ways of the 3 inch resin Deathcats,
 limited to 5 in each color way.More updates on them soon!!

                                                               "Devilman Deathcat"

"Summer Break" Deathcat