Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Fate

Quick update on the Elder Demons series 2.

The last sculpt was finished a few weeks ago, "The Fate" is here!
Now that all 3 sculpts are finished I can send them to the factory in Japan.

I can't wait to have these awesome sculpts by Kento Sato (@ktokto) 
in soft vinyl form!

The Fate will set you on a horrifying path of chaos and destruction. 
Gaze into her third eye and all will be laid before you. Blood shed from endless wars, 
and the pain of entire Galaxies is all that awaits you.

She wears a crown fashioned from the teeth of a great behemoth.
(The crown enables the wearer to change into the form of a great behemoth.
 Great Behemoths are massive creatures who inhabit the Void, devouring anything in their paths.)

Her robe was made from the threads of the Void. 
(Void threads were thought to be a legend. Those who obtain these threads are 
said to hold the void itself.)

Her 4 great wings were stripped from one of  five of the great celestial hosts of old.
("Old Ones" or "Celestials" were the first beings in the universe. 
Said to be in control of great strength and power used to usher in and guide new lifeforms
throughout the entire Cosmos.)

Elder Demons series 1 and 2

Finished sculpt for the "Fate"