Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Space Destroyer Awakens

Whispers from the Void have awoken the Space Destroyer.
The cries of planets will be heard throughout the Universe.

Second figure to be revealed in the "Magic of the Void" series.
Sculpted by Kento Sato of KTO toys.
Space Destroyer stands around 5 inches tall and comes with Planet Smasher Omake.
Soon to go into production in Japan, and to be Produced by Toy Art Gallery!!

 Front view of Space Destroyer and Planet Smasher

 Back view of Space Destroyer and Planet Smasher 

 5th Dimensional Witch Yaga with Space Destroyer

Space Destroyer with Void eye

Thursday, October 2, 2014

" 5th Dimensional Witch Yaga"

I'm very happy to share with you the first look at the completed sculpt for Dimensional Witch Yaga!
Yaga is being sculpted by the super talented Kento San ( @ktokto_toy - Instagram).
She is the first in a series of 4, 4-5 inch figures.
Each figure will come with a mini familiar!
More news about this series soon.
In progress shot of Yaga's Omake!!

NYCC "Nekos in My Pocket" Update

All Nekos in My pocket sets are done and ready to drop at NYCC!!!
Each set includes painted Motulos castle, and 2 black light reactive keshi death cats.
Sets will be $80 and limited to 20 sets

Buttons for New York City Comicon

I'll have new Deathcattoys buttons and stickers with me at NYCC 
The sticker/button packs will be $5, and will include 2x deathcattoys US logo, 2x deathcattoys @hiramotokaiju art logo, and 2x Akumaneko stickers. As well as 6 assorted Deathcattoys art buttons.

And He Came to Party!!

Alien Gahm has landed and wants all your booze and weed. 
The only reason Gahm comes to planet Earth is to get real fucked up! 
Come celebrate his landing at NYCC. 
Gahm stands just over 4 inches tall, and will be a very limited resin release.
I will only have one offs, and a few blanks with me.