Monday, March 31, 2014


Very excited to announce the preview of the next figure in the DEATHCATTOYS lineup!

This figure is based on the DEATHCATTOYS logo and will stand roughly four inches once produced into vinyl. Sculpt done by the highly talented ERA Sculpture LLC.

Stay tuned to the blog for more information on the release of this figure.


DEATHCATTOYS is a culmination of all my great loves- kaiju toys, art, and of course, cats. I started making toys two years ago, with no idea what I was doing. The result so far is a product of many nights spent endlessly frustrated, small victories, and partnerships with some amazing artists who have helped me to hone my craft and pull my art off paper, and into resin and vinyl.

This site will be updated regularly with works in progress, release dates for my upcoming kaiju figures, information for any art shows I will be participating in, and other related news. Follow this blog for sneak peeks and special promotions for products listed on my retail site, which can be found here.

Recently, I have been releasing my "Lilith the First Mother" resin figure in small runs, and will be releasing several more in the future. I am currently working to have a second figure produced in resin and vinyl, and on having "Lilith" produced in vinyl as well.

Stay tuned for more announcements, and a sneak peek of my new resin figure to be posted tonight.