Thursday, November 19, 2015

Studio Doulzia

I'm very proud to announce that I have been collaborating with 


DOULZIA is an international indie game & animation studio consisting of talented diverse dreamers from and currently residing in America, Japan, Canada, and France.
These nice guys and ladies have me doing some design work with them- from designing logos for their new web comic "Hello, End," to helping them with the design for a sofubi toy to accompany their video game in development, "Skeletonblood." Keep a close eye out for their Kickstarter campaign to help them fund "Skeletonblood!" I am stoked to be working with such a creative group of people and excited to see where the future takes their endeavors!
This is the logo for there web comic Hello, End that I designed.

These are some of the turn arounds for there toy!

short animation that really sets the mood of the web comic